How I Work

How Counseling Helps You Grow

Your satisfaction and happiness in life depend on how you see and interact with the people who are closest to you and how you react to the challenges you face.

The psychoanalytic therapy I offer changes how you perceive your life, which then changes how you think, and then leads to positive changes in your behavior. Your relationships with others improve, and your life becomes more fulfilling.

Research shows that the most common factor that accounts for success in counseling is the relationship between the client and the counselor. I make a great effort to build relationships with my clients and I thrive on helping people like you make the most out of their lives.

What Therapy With Me Looks Like

Your Role in Therapy

Your role in therapy is to discuss what is happening for you – what you are feeling, where you feel challenged or stuck, and what you want your life to look like.

We will move at a pace that is comfortable for you – you set the direction and the goals for therapy. If you are unclear about your goals, we will work together to find clarity about what is important to you.

My Role in Therapy

My role as your therapist is first to help you increase your understanding of yourself. Then I will guide you in putting the pieces of your life together in a more meaningful way. I offer insights on your inner life and your relationships in the context of an empathic, safe relationship.

My clients tell me that they genuinely feel that I am on their side in their struggles. Our relationship will serve as a basis and practice ground for the other relationships in your life. As you work through your problems with me, you will find that the skills and changes that you experience in therapy will transfer to your relationships outside of the therapy office.

My Expertise as a Psychoanalytic Anxiety Therapist

As an Anxiety Therapist

If you, your child, or teen would like therapy because of anxiety, I offer expertise in treating clients like you who have excessive worries and fears.

I understand how anxiety can hold back expressions of yours, or your child’s true self. Through the safety, compassion, connection, and insight of the therapeutic process, you can deepen your understanding of the source of your anxiety and free yourself to express more of your authenticity and uniqueness. Ultimately, you will feel calmer and more in control.

As a Psychoanalytic Therapist

Psychoanalytic thinking is always changing, and I am on the forefront of these changes both in terms of my continued education and personal growth. There is a growing body of research that shows that psychoanalysis reduces symptoms that clients bring to therapy, and in some cases, the evidence suggests that the benefits of psychoanalytic therapy are more durable than other treatments.

I incorporate all of the empirically relevant information into my work with clients. I also utilize my theoretical background, my past clinical experience and life experience, as well as my emotional experience of you as the client in my presence.

I offer insights, associations, and interpretations that help you know you are not alone in your struggles and help provide relief from your suffering.

As therapy is an art as much as it is a science, I have a unique relationship with everyone I work with, and thoroughly enjoy the creative process of learning how to connect with each and every client.

Getting Started: What to Expect

Adult Counseling

To begin therapy with adults, I view our first 4 counseling sessions as an assessment period, where we get to know one another and ensure we proceed in in the most effective manner in
helping you reach your goals.

By the end of this initial assessment period, I will share with you my impressions about what is causing your distress and give you my treatment recommendations. This will include the frequency of therapy, and any potential referrals to outside professionals, if necessary. I often refer for medication evaluations, family therapy, or specialized substance abuse treatment.

Child, Teen and Parent Counseling

I work with children and I offer counseling for teens individually, and with their parents as necessary. With the parent’s permission, I consult with collateral parties, such as schools, counselors, tutors, and anyone else who might benefit from my consultation.

For children 13 and under, I usually meet with parents a few times before meeting with the child so that I have a good sense of the concerns. For kids over 13, I often meet with the teen first, then the parents afterward.

If you or your child are struggling and want to have a better life, contact me in my Oakland or San Rafael office to find out how I can help.

Dr. Lundin is a licensed clinical psychologist in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices in San Rafael (Marin County) and Oakland California, specializing in relationship therapy for adults and depression therapy for adults, teens, and children. He is an instructor, supervisor and author of numerous publications on trauma therapy, psychotherapy for depression & anxiety and what makes psychotherapy effective.