Dr. John Lundin has been my colleague for many years, and he is the first person I will refer to for a child of any age and their family. Dr. Lundin has the unique combination of theoretical sophistication, clinician expertise, warmth, empathy, and acceptance that make him the superb clinical psychologist he is. Equally adept in working with children and adults, culturally sensitive, and integrating many models of treatment from a psychodynamic foundation, I would want anyone in need of psychotherapy to receive the benefit of Dr. Lundin’s care.

Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D.
Developmental and Clinical Psychologist, Oakland, CA
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco

John Lundin was a member of my consultation group for years. He is a gifted therapist who combines deep theoretical knowledge with a warm, understanding manner and an engaging sense of humor that puts adults, adolescents and children at ease. I have the utmost confidence in John’s clinical work, and I recommend him highly.

Gloria L. Lawrence, Ph.D., Oakland, CA

I’ve had the good fortune of being a colleague of John’s for over 15 years when we begin working together at a day treatment school for children. My admiration and respect for his clinical mind was immediate, and has grown and grown over all the years since. John’s dedication to his work is inspiring, and I count him as one of the most compassionate, thoughtful, caring and ethical practitioners I know. I think the combination of John’s intellect, humanity, and openness make him a very effective therapist.

Greg Villalba, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, San Francisco, CA

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Lundin and his work with clients over the past 10 years. He is one of the most humble, compassionate people that I know. I refer adults and children to Dr. Lundin without hesitation because I know that they will be held in mind, respected, and cared for throughout their time with him.

Michelle Jurkewicz, Psychotherapist, Oakland, CA

It is important to develop a strong network of other therapists that you can turn to for consultation and to provide as a referral.  Over the years, John has become a trusted colleague who is an important part of my network.  I highly recommend John because he is easy to relate to and I have a great deal respect for the work he does as a therapist.  

Jason Brand, LCSW, Psychotherapist, Berkeley, CA

Dr. Lundin is a licensed clinical psychologist in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices in San Rafael (Marin County) and Oakland California, specializing in relationship therapy for adults and depression therapy for adults, teens, and children. He is an instructor, supervisor and author of numerous publications on trauma therapy, psychotherapy for depression & anxiety and what makes psychotherapy effective.