The Anxiety of Everyday Life

Clinician on the Couch: My interview with Psych Central on what it’s like to be a psychotherapist

For those who are interested, you can check out this interview I did for the folks at Psych Central, on being and becoming a psychotherapist. Below is the text of the interview itself and here is the link to the Psych Central piece. 1. What’s surprised you the most about being a therapist? I…

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Here is an article published in Psych Central on anxiety, for which I was interviewed.

Follow the link below for Psych Central’s nice overview bout where anxiety comes from and how to deal with it. The author interviewed me along with other anxiety experts in the field. Let me know your thoughts, and like my Facebook page for instant (facebook) access to other articles. I hope you find this helpful….

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More advice for those who are depressed

I hope the beginning of September is finding you well. Just a quick note to announce that the full Psych Central article on depression has now been published, with myself and other experts chiming in with our thoughts on coping with depression. Hopefully you will find it useful. Please subscribe to our newsletter or share…

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5 Signs Your Spouse is Depressed

Many people are living with a spouse who is depressed and are suffering because of it. Depression can be frustrating and difficult for a spouse to know what to do.   “I’ve tried everything I can think of. No matter what I do to cheer him or get him out of the house, it doesn’t…

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Advice for those who are depressed: My interview with Psych Central

The following is a transcript of an interview I did with Psych Central about advice around depression. The Psych Central article is forthcoming, and I will provide a link as soon as it’s up. PC: What do your clients typically say about hope or their struggles with depression? JL: Many of my clients, especially when…

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Why your friend who needs therapy refuses to get it

I often get asked some version of the question of “I have this friend that needs therapy, and won’t get it. What’s going on?” In a previous post, I discussed one particular reason that keeps some people from seeking the help that they need (“Too expensive!”). I want to tell you about 3 other reasons…

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Anxiety, Politics, and Climate Change

Many patients and therapists alike are reporting worry about recent developments in the world around us. “The bees are going extinct.” “There is a demagogue on the rise.” “The planet is warming up.” Some people will let their mind even go so far as to worry, that is any of these things winds up in…

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An Answer to the question: Do I need therapy?

Many people ask me some version of the question: “Do I need therapy?” “Needing” therapy depends on your definition of the word. If you are suicidal, then you may need therapy in order to survive. Most people just “need” therapy, not to survive, but in order to be happy. In other words, they would survive…

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An interesting new study on “Dad play” Read more


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Comfort Objects – Photography Exhibit

Interesting article from the Slate blog featuring “Comfort Objects” photography exhibit: Children Photographed With Their Most Prized Possessions Read more

Dr. Lundin is a licensed clinical psychologist in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices in San Francisco and Oakland California, specializing in anxiety therapy and depression therapy for adults, teens, and children. He is an instructor, supervisor and author of numerous publications on trauma therapy, psychotherapy for depression & anxiety and what makes psychotherapy effective.