Overcome anxiety and depression with

You don’t need to continue to suffer.

Anxiety & Depression Therapy for Adults, Teenagers and Children

“Brad” suffered for years, without realizing how much potential he had. Distracted by anxious thoughts and confused about why his life was in a rut, he knew he wasn’t nearly as present in his life as he wanted to be. Through our treatment, “Brad” was able to connect with himself and others in ways that he didn’t know he was capable. Therapy was his practice ground for his relationships, and ability to be himself in the world. “I had no idea life could feel this way. I had forgotten.”

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, it can be very discouraging. No matter what you try, the sadness, worry and fear may not lift.

When you struggle each day to feel a glimpse of joy or hope, you are likely stuck in your feelings of depression or worry and need the help of a therapist.

When you are withdrawn and disconnected from others, or struggle with ongoing sadness or irrational fears that you can’t seem to assauge, it’s time to seek assistance from a therapist.

Read on to see how I can help you heal from anxiety and depression…

How Counseling Helps Heal Anxiety and Depression in Adults

  • Feel better about yourself
  • Be stronger in the face of life’s challenges
  • Feel more vibrant and engaged in your life
  • Feel more optimistic about your life and future
  • Have more fulfilling social and intimate relationships

How Counseling Helps Heal Anxiety and Depression in Children & Teens

  • Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Enhances social relationships
  • Can improve school performance
  • Improved interest and engagement in life
  • Increases feelings of security and happiness
  • Helps you sleep better as knowing your child is happier and more at peace

Healing Anxiety Takes Faith That Healing is Possible and a Commitment to Work in Therapy

If you are committed to working with me in therapy, you can alleviate much of your depression or anxiety. Even if you lack hope right now, let me be your hope. I can guide you along the path to overcoming the pain and turmoil.

Why Work With Me as Your Therapist?

  • I work on a deep and profound level to help you rise above depression or anxiety. I am flexible and adaptable, using both pragmatic and depth-oriented approaches to address suffering. I don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches. Your situation is unique and requires a unique approach.
  • I will be with you on your journey. No matter what you are struggling with, you don’t deserve to be alone in your suffering. My therapy clients tell me that they feel I am genuinely on their side.
  • I love my work. I consider being a therapist my calling as opposed to a job. This means I will work hard to help you feel better about your life. I will often do more than the typical work provided by therapists to help you succeed. I can help you feel better, but if you are interested, we can also work to transform your life.

If you are struggling, contact me to find out how I can help. If we discover in our conversation that I am NOT the right therapist for you, I would be glad to refer you to a San Rafael or Oakland therapist who matches your needs.

Dr. Lundin is a licensed clinical psychologist in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices in San Rafael (Marin County) and Oakland California, specializing in relationship therapy for adults and depression therapy for adults, teens, and children. He is an instructor, supervisor and author of numerous publications on trauma therapy, psychotherapy for depression & anxiety and what makes psychotherapy effective.